Hair Salon Secrets: All About Hair Extensions

Cascading and voluminous tendrils of hair, while beautiful in shampoo commercials, aren’t necessarily the reality for everyone. So if you were naturally born with thin and lackluster hair how do you go about getting the long, thick locks of your dreams? Well you can start by adding more vitamins and proteins to your diet which can help to strengthen hair or you can also give hair extensions a try.

Hair extensions can provide the length and fullness that you’ve been craving. But before you make an appointment with your local hair salon, here is some information on hair extensions that might help you make an informed decision of whether or not extensions are right for you.


Hair pieces in general have been around since the ancient Egyptians due to the fact that they would often shave their heads to keep them cool and to avoid lice. Hair pieces were only available to the wealthy and were considered a luxury until the 1990’s when hair extensions became more affordable and mainstream. They are now considered a likely solution to issues like alopecia or slow-growing hair.


Hair extensions are either synthetic or human. Created from artificial fibers that provide the same texture and look of real hair, synthetic extensions do not last long and can mat and tangle quite easily. Human hair extensions are made from sold or donated human hair and can be heated and processed and can last up to year with proper care.


Color and texture must be considered when choosing hair extensions so that you achieve a natural-looking end product. Nobody should be able to tell that you have extensions therefore they must match your natural hair color and texture precisely. There are also several techniques for applying extensions; these include bonding, sewing and fusion. Bonding involves gluing the extensions to the natural hair in small sections. The sew-in method involves a hair-weaving needle and thread and sewing extensions into braids formed by the natural hair. Fusion involves applying extensions to the roots of the natural hair with a special wax.

If you’re interested in learning more about extensions call Athena Salon and Spa. A Windsor hair salon that provides unparalleled salon services, the hair professionals at Athena will discuss the process with you and help you decide what look is best for you.

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