Facial Spa Packages for Teens

When teens are at the stage of trying to learn to care for their skin, it can be difficult helping them figure out their skin type and what they should do to take care of it. Most skin types can be cared for without prescription medication, if your teenager understands the regimen required and sticks to it. At times like this, it can be best to get an outside opinion to teach your teen, both for the expertise and to make the time a better experience for both of you.

Athena offers several spa packages for teens to meet this very purpose. We have a professional esthetician, who can teach your teen in a spa environment rather than a doctor’s office. Doing this makes the experience of self-care a good one, and brings your teen positive thoughts towards taking care of her skin at home.

Teen Get-Away Spa

This package is designed to introduce your teen to skin care, while at the same time providing a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Our professional esthetician will conduct a skin analysis for your teen, along with an explanation of what this means for her home skin care. Then, your teen will receive a personalized facial including deep cleansing and customized mask. To top it off, the teen experience ends with a spa manicure and pedicure.

This treatment takes 2 hours and 15 minutes total, so if you want to go together, you could book yourself the Coliseum Escape Spa Package followed by your own spa manicure and pedicure, or select your preferred spa treatments from the menu.

Teen Facial

facial spa for teens

If you are a little shorter on time, the teen facial spa treatment also includes education for your teen about skincare, a personalized treatment plan, and facial treatment designed for your teen’s skin. Your teen will still have the chance to learn how to care for her skin, and relax and enjoy the spa environment.

This treatment is done in 40 minutes – just enough time for Mom to get an Express Facial too!

Make-Up Lessons

We offer Jane Iredale Mineral Make-Up with free color matching to find the best product for your skin. Treat your daughter to a Make-Up Lesson to motivate her to keep up with her skincare regimen, and learn how to apply makeup with class and confidence. (Remember that you will likely have to schedule this on a different day than other facial spa services, because it is not recommended to apply makeup immediately following some facial services.)

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