Tips for a Great Girls’ Night Out

If you are ready for a getaway with your girlfriends this summer, but can’t actually get away for very long, consider a girls’ night out, including an evening  at Athena Salon in Windsor. Consider these options for an evening out with your friends, or the following tips for making an evening of it!

Pedicures and Manicures

Mani-pedi’s are fun! You and your friends will feel pampered and leave feeling beautiful. Spending time to relax and get your nails done together is a great way to end – or begin – an evening together. While your feet are soaking, you can chat together about the day you had or your plans for the evening.

Girls Night Out Mani Pedis

Mini Facials and Chair Massages

These mini-spa treatments are easy to enjoy in a group. They provide an excellent opportunity to relax quietly together. Afterward you will all feel refreshed and relaxed – and ready for the next activity on your agenda!

Hair Styling

The benefits to hair styling are obvious. Use this opportunity to get ready for a fun night out together! Plan your evening accordingly, with great outfits and plans to go out somewhere fun where you will appreciate looking good.

Make a Day of It

The Ladies’ Night Out option from Athena Salon is offered after hours so you can enjoy the spa to yourselves and a glass of wine together. This leaves the entire day open, and the evening afterward! Consider your group and whether it would work better for them to be out during the day, or to meet up around dinner time.

Once you have a  date in mind, schedule an appointment with the beauty salon at Athena to make sure you are in the books! From there, you can plan the rest of your evening. You might want to start out with a dinner or happy hour so you can all chat together before heading to the salon. Afterward, you will want to go someplace where you will be highly visible since you will all feel beautiful and fresh!

After you have made your reservations for dinner and with the salon, come up with some ideas for additional places to go, but keep in mind that you might prefer to be flexible with your other plans in case the mood of the night tends toward something a little different. Don’t be afraid to change your plans last minute – but if no one else has an idea of what to do, you will be glad you had thought of something ahead of time!

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