Eat These Foods for Healthy Hair

The foods that we eat not only have a direct correlation to our health and well-being, but what we feed our bodies also plays a big role in maintaining youth and beauty. In order to remain strong, healthy and beautiful our hair needs vitamins, minerals and nutrients just like the rest of our body. By eating the right foods and with regular salon services from your local Windsor hair salon, you can ensure the health and beauty of your hair.

Here are a few foods to consider adding to your diet to keep your hair shiny and beautiful.


A B vitamin that is essential when it comes to healthy hair is biotin. Large amounts of biotin can be found in liver, cauliflower, yeast, sardines, legumes, salmon, bananas, egg yolks, carrots and mushrooms. Drinking large amounts of alcohol can increase your need for biotin. Biotin also helps prevent hair from going gray.

Plant Skins Eat These Foods for Healthy Hair

The outer skins of plants also promote healthy hair. Try eating red and green pepper skins, as well as the skins of potatoes and cucumbers.

Silica and Iron

Silica is a mineral that gives strength to the hair shaft and follicles while foods that are iron can help your hair grow out long and strong. Sprouts contain large amounts of silica while lean meats can supply your hair with plenty of iron.

Pantothenic Acid

Also known as calcium pantothenate, pantothenic acid is essential in maintaining a healthy scalp. There is even evidence that pantothenic acid can help return your hair to its original color, eliminate gray, and reverse hair loss. Foods that are high in pantothenic acid include whole grains, whole milk and veggies such as potatoes.

In addition to eating the appropriate foods to keep your hair strong, healthy and attractive, make sure to visit Athena hair salon in Windsor for upscale and beautiful salon services.

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