Foods that Feed Your Skin

The importance of what we feed our bodies is becoming more and more evident. Not only is what we place in our bodies feeding the delicate systems of our bodies, our consumption affects every aspect of our overall wellness. As a society, we’ve come to the realization that a diet full of junk and sweets will not only cause weight gain but it will also negatively affect how we feel and how every system in our body functions, this includes our skin.

Continually stuffing our faces with junk food will not result in the smooth, supple skin that we desire. Instead, we need to feed our bodies with nourishing foods that will give us the glowing results that we long for. Here are some foods found on that will nourish our bodies and our skin.

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This superfood is packed with essential oils, B-complex vitamins, and Niacin that will nourish our bodies and our skin. Niacin is an anti-inflammatory that can soothe irritated and dry skin as effectively as a facial spa treatment.


It is reported that mangoes contain nearly 80% of daily requirements for vitamin A. Vitamin A offers an array of benefits to skin including maintaining and repairing skin cells. It is also an antioxidant that fights skin damage that can make you look older than you are. Mangoes are involved in many spa services due to its many benefits. It’s also only 70 calories per serving so it’s a perfect pick for your figure as well.


Go nutty with almonds to achieve the complexion that you’ve always desired. They contain 150% of your daily need for vitamin E.


Not only are oysters an aphrodisiac, they also are rich in zinc which is proven to help fight acne. Zinc also helps boost skin’s natural elasticity with improved elastin and vitamin C production.

Cottage Cheese

The selenium that is found in cottage cheese is an essential mineral that when combined with vitamin E creates a radical-fighting antioxidant that protects against skin cancer and dandruff. In addition, cottage cheese is a dairy product that is not only good for your bones, but is an excellent food to consider if you’re watching your calorie intake.


This particular fungus is rich in riboflavin which is a B vitamin vital to your skin’s health. It assists in tissue maintenance and repair and is also known to improve existing blemishes that may be caused by conditions such as rosacea.

Keep all of these foods in mind next time you’re searching for a snack and call Athena Salon and Spa to make a facial spa appointment. The experts at Athena will get you started off on the right foot when it comes to achieving the smooth healthy skin that you’ve been craving.

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