Tips for Beautiful and Long-Lasting Manicures

Nothing feels quite like a fresh new manicure from premium Windsor salon, Athena Salon and Spa. With their top-quality and uber chic lineup of professional manicurists, as well as their top-of-the line manicure and pedicure products, Athena Salon and Spa offers the best manicures in Northern Colorado that are sure to get noticed.

However, we also know all too well how frustrating it can be when your freshly manicured nails begin to chip and crack almost immediately after leaving the salon. Since we don’t have the time or the patience to re-paint our nails every day, here are a few tips from that will increase the staying power of your beautifully crafted manicure. Manicured Nails

Clean nails

While it might seem like a pain to remove every last speck of your previous polish job before getting a new mani, leftover nail color can ruin a new manicure and removing it can help keep your new mani in place for longer.


By pushing back your cuticles you can better access the inner corners of your nails. If you don’t manage your cuticles, your manicure can get chipped quite quickly.

Base Coat

Much like painting a room, paint prep is key and that applies to manicures too. By applying a base coat before your manicure, you give your polish something substantial to stick to.

Paint the Edges

A hacked up-looking manicure starts with little chips at the edges of your nails. Prevent this from happening by brushing a coat of polish around the edges and slightly beneath the tips of your nail and repeat with the topcoat.

Don’t Over Do It

Once you get past three coats of paint on your nails, it will thicken too much and the polish will chip into big clumps. And while it may seem like a good idea to keep coating on the polish to lengthen the life of your mani, over-layering only results in a much too long drying process and easier chipping.


Reapply your favorite topcoat every two or three days. Simply re-swipe a thin layer of topcoat two or three days after your initial manicure to protect the polish underneath.

Follow these tips to ensure that your mani lasts and lasts and make an appointment with an Athena manicurist extraordinaire today for the best manicure in Northern Colorado.

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